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Worthy leaders
for decent companies

Known for searching for leaders since 2007.


    leaders found for our clients


    year we started our work as part of INDIGO-Tech recruiters


    of the specialists we hire undergo a probationary period


    days we need on average to close a vacancy. *depending on the client's process

    We do not just find worthy leaders, we also help develop the leadership potential of the company and its managers

    Search for leaders

    In our search for leadership talent, we rely on success metrics: our clients report improved performance of individual teams or the business as a whole after hiring leaders selected by .GIDNI. We analyze the market, use our extensive database and international contacts to find leaders who not only have the right experience, but also share your values. Our team has 16 years of experience in searching and evaluating top managers, which is confirmed by the selection of more than 112 executives for Ukrainian and international companies. Translated with (free version)

    We strive to do more than just replace positions. Our approach to finding the right leaders includes a strategic vision and a long-term development plan, which allows us to select candidates who not only meet the current needs of the company, but also have the ability to innovate and ensure sustainable development. As a result, we guarantee a 95% match between the selected leaders and your organization’s corporate culture and strategic goals, creating the foundation for your future success.

    Developing leadership potential

    Our approach to leadership development combines theory and practice, providing leaders with the tools they need to effectively manage their teams. Based on our experience of working with over 120 leaders, our programs deliver an average 35% improvement in leadership competencies, including strategic thinking and communication. Through our trainings, 1:1 mentoring, and career planning, executives acquire skills that contribute to business growth and create a sustainable leadership culture. Customers report up to a 30% increase in the productivity of management teams and improved readiness to meet the challenges of a changing business environment.

    Compensation consulting: strategic remuneration planning

    We offer effective consulting on the remuneration structure, which helps to attract top managers and increases loyalty by 30%. Based on market standards, we create packages that combine a fixed salary and bonuses optimized for each company.

    Our experience in designing reward packages for more than 50 companies allows us to create competitive and fair offers that meet strategic business goals and talent market requirements.

    Assessment and development of the employer brand

    Based on the analysis of competitors and your positioning, we will provide a detailed brand audit, including an analysis of strengths and opportunities for improvement. Our conclusions are based on quantitative metrics and qualitative feedback, and we then suggest strategies that can improve your employer appeal. An effective employer brand is critical to attracting (and retaining) worthy leaders. Clients who have implemented our recommendations have seen, on average, a 40% increase in the number of quality candidates and a 25% decrease in turnover.

    Outplacement: effective transition to a new job

    We offer outplacement services to simplify the process of transition of dismissed employees to a new job. With more than 20 years of experience in career counseling, our team members provide individualized support in your job search, including interview preparation and resume and LinkedIn enhancement. 85% of our program participants find a new job within the first three months.

    Based on the analysis of more than 300 outplacement cases, we have developed optimized programs that include career counseling and psychological support to help laid-off employees quickly adapt to the labor market. Our approach helps to maintain the professional confidence of our employees and leads to positive results in their future career paths. And, most importantly, a positive attitude towards the previous employer who takes care of their career.

    Career counseling

    We will offer you a personal career counselor who will delve into your professional experience and help you create an action plan to realize your career ambitions. With more than 1000 satisfied clients who, on average, have accelerated their career growth. About 85% of clients felt an increase in confidence, and 78% got the jobs they wanted. Whether you need help figuring out where and how to move forward or preparing for an interview, our experts will provide you with the support you need at every stage of your career.

    Since 2007, we have found 112 leaders for clients from five countries: Ukraine, the USA, the UK, Israel, and France.

    Video streaming

    We hired 21 people, including HRD, who became Country Manager in a few months. And also Lead Product Manager in New York.

    Retail and marketplace

    We have hired 10 managers, including Head of the Digital Marketing Department, Head of the Product Marketing Department, Director of Business Services, IT Director, and others.

    An international brand of luxury pajamas

    Almost all management personnel: COO, CFO, CMO, Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Head of Logistics Department – hired from .GIDNO. All managers are successfully working in the company.